’90’s chic is BACK!

You may thought you might never see the day or you may be clinging to your 90s roots and have never parted with your flares in the first place - whatever the case - Flares are back in action! Skinny jeans will never be forgotten but thats not to say we can’t embrace this returning trend!

1) New Look Busted Knee Flares; €39.00

These New Look denim jeans are the epitome of the classic ‘flared’ look, the denim, the finish and the fit just work perfectly! We love the idea of teaming them up with a flowy top as in the picture shown and for a good pair of denim the price is great!


2) ASOS White Flares; 49.00

Lets be honest, there are times where skinny white jeans can just be the most unforgiving on, thats where white flares come into play. You’re still rockin’ that summery look but with a boot cut it can be a little more flattering on the leg - (hey we’re not complaining!). Ideal with a pair of tan or gold wedges.


3) River Island Brooke Black Flared Jeans; 58.00

The classic black jean that will never fail you. This Brooke style is not too flared so stays chic and sexy - we are loving the fit and style and definitely think the strappy heel is a perfect addition!

4) ASOS Bell Flares in Deep Blue; 48.00

These have to be our pick of the week. We adore the wash of deep blue that lightens in the centre, we can imagine these being super comfy on! Bell flares are known for being the perfect balance between flared but not too baggy so you can still keep the shape!

5) Northmore Low Rise Denim Jeans; 52.00

These super low rise jeans have to be paired with a crop top. They’re definitely more towards the belly-confident ladies but thats not to say they’re not great! We are loving the trimmed top and light denim, a great look!