Disappointing Autumn Releases: Products That Left Us a Little Flat

Now, I don’t want to make anyone cross. It’s important to say that – these days at least – both luxury and budget brands know their stuff. They carry out extensive market research, they’re incredibly scientifically informed, and as a result, the quality of the average product you’ll find anywhere from Boots to luxury beauty counters is going to be high. Consumers aren’t stupid – we expect good quality, and that’s what brands provide, for the most part.

So none of my disappointing products are ‘bad’. I just found that they left me a little bit flat (perhaps because of the hype that had built it up so much around it that by the time), and I’m interested to know which products make you feel that way (so feel free to comment below).

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette - €46

Now here’s the thing – this palette is great quality, and at €46, you’re literally paying €3.83 per shadow, which is fecking brilliant. There’s no arguing with that, so if the palette appeals to you, by all means enjoy it. I’m just a bit tired of the Naked franchise in general, and this isn’t a Naked palette. Not really. It doesn’t hark back to the bare browns and taupey nudes of its predecessors. It’s a smoky eye palette with the word ‘Naked’ tacked on the front in order to make customers associate it with the previous Naked palettes and buy it. And of course, we are buying it in droves.

Clinique Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara - €21.50


Clinique have a great reputation when it comes to mascara, so I was even willing to overlook the dreaded rubber spoolie and give this new one a go. I’ll admit I was quite taken with it at first (despite the fact that you need to wipe almost all of the product off the wand to get an even finish).

I’ve since lost my enthusiasm because it dries so quickly – I got about six weeks out of it before it thickened to goop, and it should give you twice that time. Get out of my life and my makeup bag, Chubby Lash.

Rimmel Super Curler 24hr Mascara

Again, perhaps I set my hopes too high on this one, but I was just so grateful to see a mascara release featuring a traditional bristled brush, I wanted it to be great. It is nice – black as a priest’s socks, and the curved wand really gets underneath the lashes to coat them well. However, the brush is cumbersome – it’s too big to work with easily – there’ll be mascara splodges everywhere, and though the effect is definitely bigger, bolder lashes, they have a spidery look that just isn’t to my taste. Some people love the spidery look, and they’ll love this mascara, but it’s just not for me.


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