Kylie Jenner’s 18th Birthday Bash Style!

Sweet 16s wouldn’t even get a look in, this year its all about the youngest Kardashian’s birthday style. At only 18 - yes its hard to believe - the Kardashian Klan were out in force looking sexier than ever!


Bday outfit... Until I got uncomfortable lol

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1) Kylie; Of course we have to start with the birthday gal herself. We have to admit we have seen her look better - naturally she has come a long way but the platinum blonde is not her at her best. However, theres no doubt she looked great and a classic body con 18th dress was a great pick and she kept it chic.

2) Kim; Although she may be pregnant with a second baby on her way she wasn’t afraid to go sexy at all. She strutted her stuff in a black mech ensemble, with Kanye following closely behind her. Her makeup and hair looked typically immaculate - very predictable look for herself!

3) Kourtney; We have to say Kourtney stole the show for us - she’s been through hard times lately but couldn’t look any more flawless. Her tight fitted black get together was broken up with a very revealing section around her waist and she rocked it! Hats off from us K!

4) Khloe; Another black outfit to complete the Kardashian sisters. Khloe is looking unbelievable at the moment and her lighter hair is definitely making us summer envious. Her short body con dress was broken up with mesh inserts, making it sexy yet dressy, big thumbs up from us!

5) Kendall; Kendall was her usual stunning self and with such class. Yes she looked sexy but in no way cheap - she separated herself from the black body cons rocking a crop top and midi skirt with a large slit. She looked understated, yet gorgeous, we are big fans of hers!