Boho Chic - Festival Ready

With festival season about to kick off - we have your summer chic hair at the ready! Whether you’ll be livin’ it up at the festivals here in Ireland or abroad, you can take this hair style with you anywhere!

Its all about lose waves, soft plaits & super shine…



1)Start with Tresemme’s Renewal Hair and Scalp Conditioning Mask’ the night before. We all know that shiny does not come naturally to the best of us but don’t worry because this mask contains tea tree extract and sunflower seed oil that will replenish the scalp and leave your hair soft and shiny!


2)Now that your prep is done lets lock some volume in. Spritz the under layer of the top section of your hair with some Tresemme ‘Salon Touchable feel Ultra Fine Hairspray’. Back brush this area working from the end to root of the hair using a brush or comb. This hairspray has a platinum shine to keep that glossy effect.


3)Divide your hair into sections, don’t forget to spray Tresemme’s ‘Care & Protect Spray’ to protect your hair against the Instyler.  Taking small sections wrap the hair around the barrel, press the clamp together and let it curl for about ten seconds at a time.


4)When all the hair is curled, take the front of your hair and do two mini plaits. Pull these braids back to meet at the back of the head, tucking them underneath the hair if needs be and clip together.


5)Make sure to give all your hair a light spritzing again of the hair spray - dont worry about the spray being sticky its easy to spread and allows you to easily run your fingers through your hair!


** An absolute must for your festival packs is Tresemme’s ‘Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo’ to keep your glossy locks ticking over for the weekend!