Make-Up: The Lip Liner Low-Down

When Kylie Jenner declared that her lips are in fact fake, the world went into shock. Yes we are avid fans of lip liner here at SPIN but seriously no lip liner is THAT good! But hey were not dissing the saviour of a product so here are some top buys..


1) MAC Stripdown Lip Liner 16.50 

This lip liner is a browny nude and an ultimate fav!! Its darker than flesh colour but can easily be pulled off as a nude lip without cancelling out your lips altogether. We could even go as far as saying no makeup bag should exist without it! 


2) Catrice 'Upper Brown Side' 2.49

A nice and affordable nude lip liner. If you're someone who's not into the obvious lip liner look - this is the perfect alternative! Make sure to fill your lipstick into the line to hide any traces of it! 


3) Rimmel Lasting Finish 'Dynamite' 4.99

It's really important to have a red lip liner thats suitable for that one red lippy you pull out on your special occasions. When wearing a bold lip, the look is all about that and so the lips needs to be perfect! Start with your lip pencil, slightly maximising the lip and then fill in with your lipstick for that perfect pout! 


4) Rimmel Colour Rush Balm 'Boom Chic a Boom' 7.99

This chubby lipsticks are a dupe for Clinique's and the perfect summer addition. They are like a lipstick and lip liner in one with a round pencil head that will lightly line the lip as well as filling it with colour! This shade gives the perfect soft summery pink. 


5) MAC 'Nightmoth' 16.50

So this lip liner is really heading over to the darker side of things. It is a great one to be used for any real dramatic lip looks and is also perfect to create an ombre lip - i.e having a darker outline with a lighter inside, this gives the allusion of a fuller lip!