Make-Up: Mascara

Mascara is undoubtedly one of the top staple products in our makeup bags. Here's a look at some of the best ones & why they're so good!


1) Essence Maximum Definition; €3.49 - This bargain buy mascara is absolutely brilliant. All for less than 4 euro, the hard bristles really get to work in between the lashes, making them super black too. Love it!


2) Benefit They're Real €25 - This is definitely one of Benefit's best sellers. It has long and stiff fibres both on the sides and top of the wand which really plump up the lashes. It does tend to dry out slightly quicker than others so may sure to keep it closed tightly. Also available in a baby size in Boots which is ideal when travelling!


3) Mac Extended Play Lash €18.50 - This was voted as one of their most popular products, it differs in the sense that it’s a softer fibred brush which is perfect if you're looking for more volume rather than length and intensity!

4) Lancome Hypnose €27.50 - This mascara will probably go down in history. No matter how many new ones come out on the market, it always seems to do so well. The brush has a unique groove to it, with soft fibres so it gives great length and thickness to your lashes! This also comes in brown.


Top Tip: Always start at the very root of your lashes, zig-zagging the wand up towards the tip. Remember to coat the tips after also. If you're someone looking for that real 'falsie' effect don't be afraid to give it a second layer!