Strappy Sandals - The Summer Must-Have

These heels should be in everyone’s wardrobes. This time of year we slowly ditch our beloved boots and move into the airier side of things, and with our picks today, we doubt you’ll be able to resists - we couldn’t anyway!


1) Miss KG Black Gold Chain €109.

This is the most expensive one we have today but we all know how long a KG shoe lasts us. We adore the chunky effect and the gold against the black. Perfect to dress up any casual jeans and top outfit and of course perfect for the summer weather - definitely a thumbs up from us!


2) New Look Shine Gold Heel €27.38

This shoe is definitely a typical bridal or wedding attendee accomplice. Its light, feminine and summery. The heel is also that perfect height so you might actually bear wearing them into the night and rocking a few dance moves! 


3) New Look Sensatory White Heel €24.64

White is the new black come summer time. So why not have every article of clothing in white just to keep you tied over - the same goes for these heels. Having a white pair will instantly take you from a normal outfit to a summery outfit - simple!


4) Ted Baker Floral Satin Sandal - €136.98

These are the highest priced of this week’s picks but with Ted Baker we really wouldn’t expect any less. This floral satin pattern is beautiful and perfect teamed with a one coloured outfit to really emphasize the heels. Also any girl who’s a fan of flora can’t help but fall in love with these!


5) ASOS Hindsight Heel €61.64

These are our star buy this week and the picture will tell you why. Perfect nude colour for any occasion, with a strap around lace and some tassels that fall at the back. The ideal girly and dainty look for any occasion - we love these!