Top Blushers for Summer

So with summer well under way, and hopefully with sun here to stay, we may find our makeup bags changing a little. With the bronzed summer look in mind, we bring you some of our blush to finds for Summer! Lets be honest we’re all after that Victoria Secret glow like Miranda…


1) MAC - Melba; Melba is a peachy matte blush that will add the perfect pinch of colour to the cheeks. It has no shine or shimmer so perfect for those who find they don’t like much shine on the face.

2) Catrice; Defining Blush, 'Think Pink' - A  pink blush that at first looks very strong but is nicely pigmented on. A slightly stronger peachy colour than the above Melba but for a fraction of the price! It is definitely a bargain buy and can be doubled up and used as an eyeshadow also!

3) MAC - Peachykeen; This has to be our favourite pick! Peachy keen is a sheen pink/peach blush which is amazing for adding that bit of colour with a subtle glow. Perfect shade for summer and also for those who don’t like the super strong blush look.

4) Nars - Orgasm - Most definitely one of NARS' best sellers this beauty works as a blush, eyeshadow and illuminator all in one! It is famous in the world of blushers and is a great bargain buy in this sense that it can be put to multi-use!

5) MAC - Baby Don't Go - This prolongwear blush is a darker tone to the rest but is fantastic as an everyday contour/blush shade. Shade it into the cheekbones bringing it slightly higher to the blusher line than your normal bronzer and it can work as a 2in1. Great when you're trying to lighten up your makeup bag!