Tresemme Hair Styles: Hollywood Glam Waves

If you have a special event coming up or you’re looking to nail that ultimate look of class - these glam curls are all you need. They ooze elegance and…good news! – They’re not that difficult to do! We’ve put together some simple steps teamed with TRESemmé’s professional range of products.


  1. Start with TRESemmé’sPerfectly (un)Done Shampoo and Conditioner. This system is the perfect prep for styling the hair as it cleanses and moisturises the hair without weighing it down. The perfect start!


  1. Prep done, apply TRESemmé’sPerfectly (un)Done Wave Creating Sea Foam to damp hair. This foam is infused with sea kelp extract to help create effortlessly gorgeous natural looking waves. Then, when the hair is dry begin to section it. This look is definitely better when paired with a side parting, so make sure to have it clearly parted. Divide it up into sections, prepping them for the curling wand.


  1. With each section you will be working horizontally to make sure the wave is in the right direction. Using a curling wand, press the wand into the root of the section to heat it up - this creates more body in the top part. Wrap the hair around the wand and when removing the hair from the wand keep it together and clip - i.e don’t let the curl fall.


  1. Continue this process with all sectioned parts. Make sure when pinning the hair, that you pin it flat to the scalp, don’t twist it. When curling the top section at the front, try curling it towards the face for that ultra-glam curl around effect. 


  1. You should have a full head of pinned curls to finish. Take each out and thoroughly brush through all the curls. Don’t be afraid that they will disappear - they won’t but, by brushing thoroughly through they won't separate! Clip the hair around the face to reset it and then when you feel ready, take them out. Hold your glam style with TRESemme Perfectly (un)Done Ultra Brushable Hairspray and you’ll be Hollywood ready!