Tresemme Hair Styles - Wavy and Volumous

This look is always a favourite. It creates effortless bodied hair that’s suitable for any occasion. Here are our guidelines and some affordable products to achieve this look in the comfort of your own home, sorry salons! ;)

1) Wash the hair with Tresemme’s ‘24hr Body Shampoo and Conditioner’. This look is all about the volume so its important to lock in as much of it as possible from the outset.


2) As always when working with heated tools apply Tresemme’s ‘Care & Protect spray. After spraying the hair, blow dry it upside down to lock in as much volume as possible at the roots. Don’t be afraid - swing your head over and blast the hair dryer!


3)Apply a spritz of Tresemme’s ‘Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo for added volume and then loosely curl the hair using the Instyler or your preferred curling tongs.


4) Back brush the crown of the hair lightly by spraying Tresemme’s ‘24hr Body Finishing Spray to the under layer and then brushing from the end to root using a brush or comb. This spray is perfect for when on holidays too as it protects the hair even in the fiercest humidity ..

Say hello to voluminous hair in the sun!