Why the internet is going completely crazy for this tote bag



I am the kind of person who likes the idea of carrying a hip flask.

It’s not because I am an alcoholic; it’s because I like the boldness factor. I’d feel like a badass heroine from a black and white film, swigging straight whiskey from my hip flask while moodily plotting my next scheme for world domination. I think this may stem from having watched Rayanne Graff on ‘My So-Called Life’ who always seemed to have a hip flask hidden next to her Algebra notes. Throw in Jordan Catalano and my teenage self can implode with happiness.

But now that I’m a so-called adult, I have to abandon the hip flask idea and embrace the wine tote bag. And I’m not referring to the colour of the bag.


Fancy a glass of Pinot Noir on the 16A? No problem. A tipple of Sav Blanc on the Luas? Go for it. Assuming you’re not the driver, like.

It can hold five litres of wine and you could pour a drink for the entire carriage on the 5.05pm from Heuston to Tralee with that amount of storage. And look, we’re not animals – it also has a cold pack so that your Chablis is nicely chilled.

You can pick this on Uncommon Goods for $129.95.

And then you can invite us for a drink.

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