Centra Live Every Day - treat yourself this week!

What’s Live Every Day I hear you ask?

Live Every Day is about living in the moment and making the most of every day – however you want to spend it. Whether you want to Live Well with healthier convenient offers or Live it up and treat yourself, Centra have all you need with great value convenient offers!

This week is all about Living it up with some Indulgence, which at times is my middle name!

What do I like to indulge in? I love nothing more than sitting on a couch-popcorn and chocolate in hand and indulging in a whole series of my favourite show-which at the moment is Narcos on Netflix!

And we want to know what you like to indulge in? Comment below for a chance to win a Centra voucher worth €40! Tune into the KC Show from 6am and by telling us you could win Golden Discs and Centra vouchers so you can indulge while watching your favourite shows!

Make sure to check back here next week to win more prizes with Centra Live Every Day