Day 15 - Philip's blog

Day 15 and the start of a new week marks the arrival of a new hamper!

I decided to dig in straight away and make myself a midday snack to keep me going until lunch. I sliced up one of the apples, and added a few grapes and some strawberries. It was hard to keep preying hands in the office away, much of the strawberries were snatched away in record time! 

I really enjoy having a little mix of fruit as a snack throughout the day and it's something I definately want to keep doing because I usually find breakfast doesn't keep me going for very long and I end up being famished by 1 o'clock. It's a matter of convincing myself that fruit is a better option than a handful of biscuits in the long run!

Plenty of delicious and wholesome meals and snacks planned for this week as my 21 day challenge nears its conclusion. I've certainly learned to be more creative and health-conscious when preparing my meals for the day, which can only be a good thing!