Day 19 - The End

The day has come! It's the final day of the my Centra 5 a day challenge and I'm absolutely chuffed with how I've done!

To celebrate, I decided to treat myself to a little fruit bowl for lunch with some sliced up apples and a kiwi which I stuck a spoon into because that's the kind of guy I am! I switched up a lot of my meals, both breakfast and dinner over the last month, but the one thing I never went a day without was my fruit bowl! 

I have to say my favourites from the Centra hamper each week were without a doubt the lemon and coriander humous and carrot sticks. I had to resist scoffing them all immediately as soon as each hamper arrived! I really enjoyed the challenge of forcing myself to cook every day and be creative in what I ate over the last month, as I knew I had to produce something for this blog daily. I'd highly reccomend it as a way to be strict with your diet that's for sure!

I have to say a huge thanks to Centra for allowing me to take part in the challenge and for supplying me and of course some of the wonderful listeners with a delicious hamper each week! As well as this, the recipes and tips on the website were a huge help and I'll definately be using a few of them again in the near future! Lastly, thanks to all of you who supported me along the way and those who entered the competition to win hampers of your own. I really appreciate the solidarity and hope you all got as much out of this challenge as I did!