Phil's Blog - Day 18!

Day 18 of the blog! I opted for a dinner on my blog a couple of days ago, so today I'm going to bring your attention to a snack I've really being enjoying since I started this challenge.

Here you have carrot sticks and some lemon and coriander humous, presented beautifully if I may say so myself! Such a quick and easy little number to lift the mood during the day. I have to be honest I couldnt imagine how these two could compliment each other well, but I was pleasantly surprised to say the least! 

I've typically been quite fussy and dismissive when it comes to new foods, none more so than humous, but i can safely say I've been converted over the last couple of weeks and this is definately a snack I'll be taking with me long after the challenge finishes!

The only problem is its extremely difficult to keep everyone's hands off them in the office!