Ed Sheeran reveals identity of his daughter's godfather and meaning behind her middle name

Ed Sheeran has revealed the identity of his daughter's godfather.

Irishman Johnny McDaid, who is a member of Snow Patrol, is the godfather of Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran who arrived in September 2020.

Sheeran and McDaid have been close friends for years, with Ed introducing Johnny to his partner of eight years, actress Courteney Cox.

Ed was speaking to former X Factor contestant Fleur East on her radio show in the UK on the release of Bad Habits, his first solo single since 2017. On the show, Sheeran said, "I introduced her to my best mate Johnny, who I wrote Shape Of You and Bad Habits with.

"He's also godfather to Lyra, but yeah, I introduced them like nine years ago.

"She just invited me round her house and I just kept going round and then one day I brought Johnny and he didn’t come home."

Sheeran also divulged the meaning behind his daughter's middle name, "Me and Cherry always wanted to go to Antarctica, it was always on our list.

"It’s the one continent I haven’t gone to… So we went there and it’s just an amazing place, it’s really special to us, and obviously we got home and Cherry was pregnant.

"It was just something we wanted to have in her name. I know people see it as a weird thing, but like… I mean it’s less about where she was made and more about it being special.

"I just wanted to have a connection to it… I understand it’s awkward for kids to grow up and then she’ll watch this interview and be 'eww’."


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