WATCH: Coldplay Fan Spent Five Years Putting Together This Amazing Tribute Video!

Now this is dedication!

This has to be one of the most impressive fan videos out there!

Coldplay fan Sam Reid took a photo of himself every day for five years after being influenced by the band's song "Life in Technicolour ii". Now we've all seen videos where someone dedicates their time to capturing a moment of their day for a specific amount of time but this version of the task is on another level. Why? Well Sam decided to step it up a notch and lip sync his every day photo to the lyrics of "Life In Technicolour ii"  and successfully keeps up with Chris Martin's vocal on the track through the medium of photographs.

We have no doubt that a lot of creativity, precision, time and hard work went in to syncing the photos with the lyrics! It's also fascinating to see Sam grow up over the course of the video including taking time out of his graduation days to take a photo!

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