WATCH: Cork's K.P. Ring releases video for 'Not A Hopeless Place'

Cork singer songwriter K.P. Ring has released a video for his song 'Not A Hopeless Place'.

The video, shot in Co. Wexford, was directed by Ayla Amano with editing from Cork's Brendan Canty of Feel Good Lost. 

Speaking about taking on the video for the song, Ayla Amano said, “I absolutely adored this song from the first time I heard it – it sounded to me like nostalgia, endings, and life moving on. Immediately I envisioned the video in a rural, small-town setting, and having recently filmed a short film in Clonroche, I knew I had brilliant locations to draw on there. I was also excited to cast Guevara Hughes, one of the leads from the short film, along with Lucy Jo Egan, both Clonroche locals.”

Describing the track, K.P. Ring said, “The track is quite old, it was written about six years ago and I've performed it a lot, especially when doing solo/acoustic sets. It's been recorded a few times, with different arrangements but nothing ever worked. The song was recorded live at Asta Kalapa. I like how it came out this time. I’m proud of the song.”

“This is the first song that I've released without any arrangement. It's just me playing acoustic guitar and singing. That’s been tough.” 

'It was one of those writing processes that musicians dream of - Everything coming out in one burst; lyrics and all." 

“The song is about acceptance of change. Someone once told me that the scariest and, simultaneously, most comforting thing in life is that nothing is permanent. Everything must change. That's always stuck with me. I think this idea resonated in the song's meaning.

“I’ve been so touched with the response to the track and for Ayla wanting to work on the video for it.”

“It’s come out so beautifully. It’s captured the feeling of the song so well, in its own way, of course.”



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