Bulmers Live Review: Jape at The Flying Enterprise

Our Bulmers Live Reporter Anthony Kelly reviewed Jape at The Flying Enterprise for us!

The good people at Bulmers Ireland were kind enough to let me be their reporter for their Bulmers Live Festival.

10 Artist -10 Venues - Your city

The tag line says it all really. 10 of Cork’s best pubs and clubs will host the cream of Irish music, along with some exciting, international acts. The first of these being Irish, electronic, outfit, Jape and the first of these venues was The Courtyard at Sober Lane.

Jape are; Richie Egan, Paul Kenny and Glenn Keating and the Dubliners hold the honour of being the only 2 time winners of the Irish Album of the year. 2008’s ‘Ritual’ and 2011’s ‘Ocean Of Frequency’ were the winning albums and these have since been followed by the fantastic, ‘This Chemical Sea’ in 2015.

Opening with ‘Oceans Of Frequency’, ‘The Hearts Desire’ and the formidable ‘Séance Of Light’ even the newcomers to Jape couldn’t resist bopping along.  Seven songs in and now fully in their stride, Jape launch into what proved to be the highlight of their set with old favourite ‘I was A Man’, Complete with a solo from modest, drummer, Paul. Sadly all good things must come to an end, and the set comes to a close with the excellent ‘The Oldest Mind’; however, there is good news as the Bulmers Live Festival continues and rolls on to the next venue-Wanklemut playing in Voodoo Rooms next Thursday 29th-see you there!

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