Calvin Harris Announces Newest Collaboration

The DJ has announced that his newest collaboration will drop this Friday!

The follow up single to his recent smash hit 'This Is What You Came For' is called My Way but Harris won't reveal who provides the vocals to the track until it's release.

Calvin has been teasing the song in his Snapchats, playing a few seconds of the track at a time but never letting us in on the vocals.


The Scot has set a competition for people to guess who they think will be on the track for a chance to win his entire back catalogue signed and a load of merchandise.

It is thought that Demi Lovato will be the voice accompanying the track as she only started following the DJ on Twitter over the summer and also tweeted lyrics to his last single with Rihanna. There are also rumblings of Ellie Goulding or Ariana Grande. No matter who it is the song is bound to be a hit given Harris' track record in turning anything he produces into a hit.


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