Ed Sheeran Earned Serious Money Last Year

Ed Sheeran earned per day what some of us would like to earn in a year.

The singer made a daily income of €47,000 with a little help from his sold out Croke Park and Wembley gigs.

New figures from his firm reveal that Ed Sheeran Ltd brought in a cool €16.9 million last year.

Pre-tax profits for the company show a figure of €12.32 million with Ed taking home a handy €5.2 million in 2015.

2014 figures show that Ed profited by €1.5 million, meaning the rise in take home pay could have been a strong influence on the star taking a break from the music scene to travel and take a well deserved holiday.

Meanwhile it was announced yesterday that Sheeran would be making a return to the stage.


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