This New Irish Hidden Camera Show Looks Hilarious!

TMI is the newest hidden camera show to come to RTÉ but it's a lot different from it's predecessors!

The show focuses around how easy it is to find out information about people from what they post online.

Many comedians and personalities feature on the show such as Alison Spittle, Dermot Ward and Ciara King. Their job is to stop people on the street, find out their name and then it's over to the control room who track down the person online and feed information they have gathered from their social media to an earpiece worn by the star of the show.

From the trailer for the new show we can see a lot of confused faces trying to process how their interviewer would know the information about them.

Speaking about the show, broadcaster and presenter Stephen Byrne, who came up with the concept for the show said:

"The idea for the show came one day, I was out for a coffee in Dublin and I saw the guy beside me take a picture of his drink. I wanted to see if I could find it online and within seconds I could because he'd tagged the coffee shop. That then sparked the idea that I could literally build a bio on this guy - his interests, his likes, his family and friends and he would never even know. That's scary, and it just shows not only how much we share but also what someone can do with the smallest and most basic information about your life. They can gain your trust very easily. So...we decided to throw trust out the window and use it to mess with peoples days and teach a little lesson while we are at it."

You can catch TMI on RTÉ 2 next Monday October 24th from 10:30pm  

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