Two Door Cinema Club reveal the video for their new single ‘Bad Decisions’.

The track is the second to be unveiled from their hotly anticipated new album, ‘Gameshow’ released via  Parlophone on October 14th.

A kaleidoscopic patch work of styles, the video for ‘Bad Decisions’ splices together hyperreal visions of sex and violence as animated versions of Alex, Kevin and Sam battle to escape a vividly captured digital hell. ‘Bad Decisions’ directors Thunderlips say:

 ‘When we first spoke to Alex, on the set of 'Are We Ready', it was clear that he hated social media as much as we did so we knew we needed to come up with a suitably epic metaphor to illustrate this brilliant song. Dante's Inferno and his nine rings of hell was the jumping off point  for our concept but we also felt that turning his original idea into a video game was a fun way to make this concept relevant and also give us a platform for the animators to develop and embellish with the band battling each other to escape hell and earn redemption.’

 The video is the perfect accompaniment to the neo-hued synth sounds of ‘Bad Decisions’. Influenced by Bowie, Chic and Daft Punk, the song perfectly marries the band’s pop sensibilities and hooks with a continued stylistic flexibility. It shows their growth as a band sonically and lyrically. In the song Alex has coined the term “Generation Information”, to which he directs the following -

“Is your phone the last thing you look at before you go to sleep? Is it the first thing you reach for when you wake up? Tonight, turn it off and let your imagination send you to sleep. In the morning, get up, go outside and breathe in the new day's air. Trust us - you'll feel better.

Previous single ‘Are We Ready? (Wreck)’ and ‘Bad Decisions’ introduced the band’s dedicated fan base to Two Door v2.0. Alex makes a point about the band’s new found confidence and not listening to the current pop landscape for influence - “Were not embracing the pop thats going on now in a melodic or structural sense. The two biggest influences for me were Prince and Bowie - both total pioneers who straddled that line between out-there pop and avant garde craziness.”

‘Gameshow’ is the sound of a band back in their stride, with a creative fire in their loins and a whole new centred sense of purpose. They’ve been to the brink, they’ve had their inertia. Now for the action.

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