Two Major Hollywood Actors Are Currently Filming In Ireland

We might have to do a bit of stalking!

Hollywood A-listers Mel Gibson and Sean Penn are in Ireland this month to shoot scenes for an upcoming film.

The pair will be in Dublin filming for a big-screen adaption of the 1998 best-seller The Surgeon of Crowthorne.

The movie, which is called The Professor and the Madman, follows the story of Sir James Murray, played by Gibson, who was an editor of the Oxford dictionary in it's early days and his associate Dr. WC Minor played by Penn. The cast also includes young Irish actors Rob McCormack, Abigail Coburn, Zoe Moran, Phonsie Wardell and Nora Cooper.

Mel Gibson has already been spotted on the streets of Dublin. The cast and crew will be around the capital for the next eight weeks and have received funding from the Irish Film Board.

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