WATCH: Cork Man Appears On American Home Makeover Show....The Result? An Irish Pub/Hurling Themed Man Cave

This could become the new big trend!

Man Caves is an American make over TV Show that airs on the DIY Channel in the States. As the title of the show suggests, the show focuses on turning parts of homes into man caves.

One particular episode of the show features Cork man Donny O'Cathain and his wife Francesca. They want to turn an unused kids playroom in the basement of the house into a man cave that represented Cork. To do so the man cave developers and Donny agree on an Irish pub themed man cave with a special nod to the game of hurling.

The basement of the house is transformed into a lounge area with a bar including a keg cooler and fridge with memorabilia on the walls including hurleys.

For research purposes the American hosts are brought for a game of hurling at Kean University, New Jersey where Dave Lewis has set up a hurling club. It's safe to say they don't do too well compared to the Irish opposition!

It also appears that the Cork accent proves difficult for the American Man Cave team to understand. So called "Man Cave Specialist" Tony Siragusa commented "I do not understand a word he [Donny] says. It's like the commercials on tv where they try to fit 400 words in to ten seconds, that's what he sounds like. He talks very fast but all the other people that he brought around here from his hometown in Cork, Ireland understand him. So they communicate and it sounds like a bunch of aliens from another planet." Well...well I never! Tony, I'm putting you on my list of enemies!


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